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Aircraft Model Airbus A340

About This Aircraft

Experience the epitome of long-haul luxury with the Airbus A340, a distinguished member of the Airbus family that has set the standard for international air travel. Renowned for its elegant design, remarkable range, and exceptional comfort, the A340 is the aircraft of choice for discerning travelers seeking a premium flying experience.

With its four-engine configuration, the Airbus A340 offers unparalleled reliability and the ability to fly long distances without stopovers, making it ideal for connecting distant destinations across the globe. Capable of seating up to 375 passengers in a typical three-class configuration, the A340 provides ample space for relaxation and enjoyment in the skies.

The A340’s cabin is a masterpiece of aviation engineering, designed with passenger comfort in mind. It features advanced noise reduction technologies, spacious seating arrangements, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable journey for all on board. The aircraft’s wide-body design allows for a variety of cabin layouts, catering to the specific needs of private charter clients, from luxurious VIP configurations to efficient business-class setups.

For air charter companies, the Airbus A340 represents an excellent investment in passenger satisfaction and long-haul capability. Its impressive range and fuel efficiency make it a cost-effective solution for international routes, while its reputation for comfort and reliability enhances the company’s prestige and appeal to high-end clientele.

Discover the joy of flying in an Airbus A340, where every journey becomes a memorable adventure in the sky. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the A340 promises to elevate your air travel experience to new heights of luxury and performance.

Cruise Altitude
39000 FT
11 H 30 min
Galley Type
Min Runway
9140 Ft
Max Golf
Max SKIs
150 FT

Airbus A340


Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type

Price Per Hour

$19,500 - $33,800

Cruise Speed

483 KTS

Aircraft Length


Cabin Width

17' 4

Cabin Height

8' 3

Cabin Length

165' 3


6400 NM

Baggage Capacity


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