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3 – 8

Baggage Capacity (ft3)

2 – 6 pieces

Cruise Speed (kts)

100 – 180 mph

IFR Range (nm)

350 miles

Cabin Width (ft)


Cabin Height (ft)


Travel the vertical dimension

Helicopters offer some unique benefits when it comes to air travel. With an average speed of 100 to 150 mpg, you can travel much faster than you can drive, in a straight line and with zero traffic. Not to mention, the view from a 500 feet is sensational. With a helicopter charter, we can pick you up at the nearest heliport downtown for a transfer to the nearest airport so you can arrive at the door to your private jet. We can even drop you off on the roof of your office building, your favorite golf course, mountain peak, yacht or your backyard. The ability to take off and land vertically give helicopters a huge advantage over their fixed wing counterparts. No need for a runway to reach your favorite destinations

Most helicopters have comfortable seating for 3-8 passengers plus few bags. Helicopters do not have the large baggage compartments like some airplanes. If you are planning to take a helicopter, you might want to pack lightly.

Helicopter Private Jet Charter Options