Private Airline Charters to/from Santa Monica Municipal Airport (KSMO)

If you’re travelling to or from California, you don’t want to miss seeing the sites in Santa Monica. Whether you’re visiting on a family vacation or for a business trip, it’s a beautiful city with many different attractions perfect for filling your leisure time. Palisades Park and Santa Monica Pier are very popular tourist destinations, to name a couple.

When you’re flying to a beautiful town, you’re going to want a luxury flight to get you there. Our Santa Monica Municipal Airport private jet charter from Centurion is just the thing you need to get you to and from in style and comfort. We work hard to give you an experience miles above commercial flights and other private jet lines.

Are you ready to jet to or from Scottsdale, Arizona? Reserve your Scottsdale Executive Airport private jet charter and enjoy a stress-free, luxurious trip the whole way. At Centurion Jets, we’re always available to make your air travel happen on your terms. Whether that means early morning flights out or a late-night arrival, you can count on us to have everything ready to go. We can have your aircraft ready within a few hours, so changes in travel are no issue at all. 

Why Choose Centurion Jets?

There are many reasons why you should choose Centurion for a KSMO private jet charter. You choose what aircraft you fly in, and who you’re flying with. No more long lines waiting at a commercial airline’s TSA or waiting to board a full flight which can cause delays and irritation! You’re able to secure one of our private flights within 4 hours of booking.

Most notably, we provide anything you could ever need on your flight, including:

  • Premium airplanes
  • Professional, friendly flight crews
  • Gourmet in-flight dining, complete with drinks like cocktails
  • Possibility for high-speed wi-fi, allowing you to work online, stream movies, or play games
  • Even saving money with an “empty legs” flight, which also allows for the opportunity to stay environmentally conscious on your trip

Private Jet Charter Flights to and from Santa Monica Municipal Airport (KSMO)

We also take your safety and security into account at Centurion. All of our founders and pilots are FAA licensed commercial pilots, meaning you’re guaranteed the same safety as you would with a commercial airline. It also means that we follow standards recognized internationally by the ICAO and EASA.

The captain of your flight will inspect your baggage and passports themselves, making our security processes exclusive to you and easier than the average commercial airline.

KSMO Airport Information

  • City: Santa Monica
  • State: California
  • Airport Use: Public
  • Number of Runways: 2
  • Timezone: UTC -7

Airports Near Santa Monica Municipal Airport (KSMO)

If you’re looking to fly to or from an airport around Santa Monica, CA, there are other airports we work with that easily accept jet charter services, including:

  • KVNY – Van Nuys
  • KBUR – Burbank

KSMO is just one of thousands of airports around the world we’ll be able to help you visit quickly, conveniently, and stylishly! 

The Centurion Difference

Flying private has never been easier with Centurion Jets. We are able to get to your destination quicker and smoother than a standard commercial flight. This is because we can fly higher than the average 35,000 miles up. 

Call our phone at +01 858 683 3591 our reach us anytime through email or our website. Contact us today and get your own KSMO private jet charter set up in no time!