Very Light Jet (VLJ)

Baggage Capacity70 cu ft
Speed400-500 mph
Range1000 miles
Interior Width5’0″
Interior Height4’10”


Very Light Jets for Charter

A Very Light Jet is an efficient and cost effective private jet option for the knowledgeable charter client. The maximum range for a very light jet is typically around 1000 miles, making it a sound economical choice  for small groups or families. The cost of flying private has been driven down by the development of this category of aircraft making private jet travel cost effective and accessible for a larger number of clients. 

Comfort & Size

For those who are looking to step up from piston and turboprops, Very Light Jets or (VLJ) offer tremendous comfort and reliability at a slightly faster speed than a propeller driven aircraft. These compact jets can cruise at 450 mph and 40,000 ft making them ideal for short hops between cities. With a baggage compartment large enough for a few small suitcases and a golf bag or two, a Very Light Jet is a perfect tool for frequent fliers.

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